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Be Thankful

This month, we’re building a gratitude journal for Thanksgiving and Bear wants you to get involved!  Look around you. What are you thankful for? Family and friends? Good health and good food? Your weekend walks in the local park? Take a photo or make a video and upload it to #MissionSeekr. Remind yourself what you’re thankful for and let’s build our gratitude journal together.


Not sure where to start with your mission? Our handy step-by-step guide has got you covered.
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Search. Discover. And learn – everything you can about the mission theme. Watch our Ambassadors’ videos for inspiration and use our News Feed to find mission related articles. These will help you come up with inventive ways to complete the challenge — so get curious! 

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Now you know what the theme’s all about, make a plan. There are a million ways to complete a mission, so how are you going to meet Bear’s challenge? Be creative. Remember, you can’t do everything, but you can do something. Set a manageable goal and make a video to show us how you got on!  



Share your mission with the world. Post photos and videos on Instagram with #MissionSeekr and tag @beargrylls & @missionseekr.

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Watch, listen, learn, and DO! New missions drop monthly so check back to see what’s next!